We update this page occasionally with news and chat, it’s also a good way to keep you informed of any changes we have here.

Our Covid News.

We have been open as normal except during the lockdown, when we weren’t allowed to do so, and we are maintaining normality as best we can here. As those that have used the kennels recently will know, we have things to adhere to here, for example you must distance from ourselves and other customers, and wear masks, if you see another customer here can we ask you to stay in your car and wait for them to leave. We also ask you to gel your hands here. We are not able to take things such as bedding from your homes, and we will put dogs onto our leads rather than handling your leads. It sounds more complicated than it actually is, most of it is exactly the same as you would do when shopping for instance. We will try to remain open in the future, so feel free to book in. The rule up to now seems to be if you are able to travel, we are able to be open. Much of our restrictions are the same as the restrictions you and everyone else faces. Our very best wishes to you all, stay well and look after yourselves.

Summer 2020.

Hi, I hope you are all well. So the Summer is over, it feels like the year is too! And what a year! We’d like to say a huge thank you to all that have used the kennels and cattery over this crazy time, and to all of those that we haven’t seen I hope you are all well, hunkered down and safe. We will stay open for you if it’s possible and wish you all the best.

Insect Photos

I thought you might like to see a couple of photos of insects that we don’t normally see. The first is a Brimstone butterfly. I’ve been interested in butterflies my whole life but this is the one and only brimstone I have ever seen. It was next to the cattery for 3 or 4 minutes, mostly feeding, then flew off at some speed. They are not normally seen in the North, but are gradually moving up here. The pale green colour of this female made it look unlike any other butterfly. Brimstones on Wikipedia. The other insect was a spectacular Banded demoiselle, I have seen these before, but they are rare here, this one was enjoying the Sun. Banded demoiselle on Wikipedia.

Welcome to the new website!

The software for the last website has now been replaced, so this site has been totally rebuilt. I liked the old look, although I think this format works better on phones, and I know that that’s important to a lot of you. I’ll occasionally update this page as I did in a similar way on the last site. Hope you enjoy looking around it, best wishes to you all.