Charity Links

Some very deserving charities, pet and otherwise, that we are delighted to support.

Dogs Trust Cats Protection Brysons Animal Refuge Blue Cross PDSA RSPCA Oxfam The Gorilla Organisation

Double your Oxfam donation at the kennels.

We match any money put into our Oxfam collection box, hence doubling your donation to Oxfam. We occasionally have small sales and raffles to raise money, and we have a collection box. we started this particular way of collecting at the end of 2011 and these are the donation receipts. £610.92, £542.48, £279.06, £335.04, £130.24, £188.80, £238.72, £82.00 and £103.00, giving a total of £2,510.26 since October 2011, well done and thank you to all that have donated.

St Cuthberts Hospice.

St Cuthberts Hospice has been providing care to the people of North Durham since 1988. They provide care to people with life limiting illness, and support to relatives. They do not charge for their services, instead, they rely on fundraising which includes the very popular Paws For A Cause dog walk.

The Gorilla Organisation.

Ever thought of adopting a gorilla! The Gorilla Organisation are an old favourite of ours, (Thanks to I), carrying on the work of Dian Fossey, and supported by the likes of Daryl Hannah,Leonardo DiCaprio and others. They look after the interests of gorillas in the wild. Did you know that there are less than 800 Mountain gorillas left, and less than 300 Cross River gorillas. You can support them by adopting a gorilla.

The Bumble Bee Conservation Trust.

The Bumble Bee Conservation Trust is a great organisation doing important and interesting work studying bumble bees. They promote bee friendly gardening and farming practices, improve habitats for threatened species, participate and fund research into conservation and much more.