About this website.

This is the official website of Dovecote Farm Boarding Kennels and Cattery, Brasside, Durham, DH1 5SQ. I started this site in February 2010 because I felt that all businesses should have a presence on the internet, people expect it. I have to say I was taken a back at the time (and still am!) as to how much unofficial stuff was on the internet about the kennels then…. and now! So that also was an incentive to have an official site. Due to a software update, the first version of our site was replaced by a similar site using newer software that was faster loading and contained improved features in June 2015, the site was again replaced and rebuilt in 2020 due to the old software becoming obsolete. It never fails to amaze me how much interest this site generates. The first version of the site generated a staggering 23,000 + visits in those first 5 1/2 years. (The new site’s visitor count started from zero again). I can honestly say that the only other advert I have run in all these years is in the Yellow Pages, in fact you would wonder if a business was legitimate if it wasn’t in the Yellow Pages. Other than that I haven’t run a single advert, we got, and still get, a large part of our new customers via word of mouth and recommendations. A huge part of our business is from repeat customers. Take a look at our Regulars page.

If you’re visiting this site for the first time, the pages you may want to look at may be Find Us. This page gets a lot of hits, maybe people are just finding out where we are to see if it’s viable for them to travel, it should get you here with no problems. The News page may be of interest to established customers, for new visitors it may give you a feel for the place, I update it occasionally with chat and information. The Gallery is made up of photos from around the kennels and cattery, Regulars consist of photos and comments from a few of our regular customers. The page names speak for themselves really, have a look at any that may be of interest, that’s what they’re there for!

Please feel free to take your time and have a good look around, I hope you find the site interesting and informative.